Finale of the Pembrokeshire 12 week Sustainable Woodland Management Course!

Written by Tir Coed / Thursday 28 February 2019

The Sun really smiled on the Finale of the Pembrokeshire 12 week Sustainable Woodland Management Course, taught by Wil Nickson and Eugene Noakes. Colourful outfits, wood fired pizza, music and traditional field sports added to the party atmosphere as 11 people grinned and cheered to receive their certificates of accreditation. 

There were even a few tears later as people said good bye to each other at the end of a "really fantastic and bonding experience." Many members of the group have been inspired to buy tools and materials to continue honing their green wood working skills.

The feedback from trainees has been overwhelming, so in their own words, THIS is what it’s all about:

I can't express fully how pleasurable and life-affirming the course was. To be learning new skills with like minded people who also believe in the concept that the world is an intricate bio-sphere that needs to be guarded and nurtured was a great joy to me.

I am very pleased with my progression throughout the course. I have learned lots of new craft skills and made nice things that I never thought I was capable of, so it has given me loads of confidence and I'm very happy.

It has helped me greatly with my anxiety and social interaction after a long period of social isolation.

The course had so many great learning opportunities and skills, and it is fantastic that it is provided for free.