AnTir is an exciting new venture for Tir Coed, that has been made possible through the ‘Time to Shine’ programme funded by the Rank Foundation. AnTir is a play on words and translates from Welsh as ‘land enterprise’.

As part of this exciting venture Tir Coed welcome an internship who will be developing and researching into a land-based project which could be implemented to widen the impact and progress of the charity. This will be desk based research looking at horticulture and agricultural projects with a social or cooperative aspect particularly in Europe.

Following the desk based research a pilot project will be run which will have an agricultural and horticultural focus to it. Details of the pilot project will become clearer as the research develops. 

Kevin, the AnTir intern says:

I was lucky enough to join the team as a result of completing a successful application process with Tir Coed and then a funding application with the Rank Foundation. I look forward to leading Tir Coed’s new venture through AnTir.

This strip was designed as part of the programme following one of the conferences.