From Sapling to Shave horse in 5 days at the Elan Valley

Written by Tir Coed / Wednesday 30 October 2019

Wednesday the 16th of October saw 6 Trainees arrive at the Elan Links office to learn how to build a shave horse and, if there was time allowed, to make a 3 legged stool to keep. 

Experienced Tir Coed tutor, Colin was joined by a former Tir Coed trainee, Blue as support tutor for what was to be a purposeful 5 days of training.

The first days saw the trainees working at the Elan Office, where they were able to get familiar with the tools they would be using. Having 3 trainees who had previously attended a Tir Coed course and 3 Trainees new to our organisation it was nice to see the group supporting each other and friendships forming.


For the rest of the course the group were based at our stunning round house, with the trainees taking turns to learn the different skills needed. Day 3 saw 1 shave horse completed and another near completion, with the 2 other taking shape. 

The next 2 days of the course ran the following week, and this also brought a change in weather! Even an Amber warning didn't put our trainees off coming on the final day. Small finishing touches were made on the remaining shave horses and the trainees were able to put their new skills to use in making a simple 3 legged stool.


At the end of the day we were joined by Anna from the Tir Coed accreditation team who presented everyone with a Certificate of Achievement.