Map reading Treasure Trail

Written by Tir Coed / Saturday 10 June 2017

13 children and 7 adults took part in the map trail and campfire cooking day at the beautiful Coed Pen y Garreg site lead by Tir Coed Tutor, Jenny Dingle.


The children all had a map and had to find 18 clues that led them to the 'treasure box' full of campfire cooking ingredients. They then all had a go at using the firesteels to start a roaring fire which helped keep the midges at bay. When the fire had died to embers we cooked drop scones, popcorn and marshmallows before playing a few games in the woods on the way back to the car park. The children were lovely, engaged and keen to learn. All the families said they would be keen to be involved in similar future events and one suggested a campout!


This is the kind of thing that all children should have the opportunity to do!