Sir Benfro - Sustainable Woodland Management

Written by Tir Coed / Thursday 22 November 2018

As the leaves fall, or get blasted from the branches, the enthusiasm of 8 out of the original 12 trainees remains undaunted by the changing season. One of the trainees has progressed to employment and another has enrolled in full time education. Everyone is nearing completion of the course work and we are glad to say that 5 of the 8 completing the course are women. All of the participants have brought their own unique contribution to the course including one with a talent for “micro whittling.” 

The group have settled well into their woodland habitat, setting up camp under tarpaulins, and have improved access by building a boardwalk and clearing paths through the undergrowth. They have been mastering their coppicing skills and have teased out sapling trees from the brambles, protecting and clearing around them to give them a good head start in regenerating the woodland.