Waunifor Youth Group spend an evening in the woods

Written by Tir Coed / Wednesday 21 September 2016

Young people from the Waunifor Youth Group near Pencader visited Long Wood for an evening where they learnt bushcraft skills including being given a shelter kit and having to decide on the style of the shelter so that their small team could fit in it. They learn some knots to secure the tarp between trees and then after collecting dry kindling, used flint and steel fire-lighters to build a small fire to make their own hot chocolate. 

Tutors Sally Harvey and Leia Duffee supported the young people but gave them the opportunity to explore and discover things for themselves. For many of the them it was the first time they had been to Long Wood and they enjoyed the evening so much that some of them didn’t want to leave and wanted to spend the night in the woods! However, it was soon time to go home.

Number of young people x 11
Number of leaders x 2
Number of volunteer hours x 26