Progression Weeks

Tir Coed offers specialist 5 day courses that enable people to develop skills in 6 sector specific areas. These courses will offer people a progression path into further employment in the forestry sector. Tir Coed will deliver these courses in partnership with highly experienced organisations in each sector. The courses are open to individuals who have progressed through Tir Coed training courses or who have previous experience within each sector.

The 6 sector specific areas are:


Tir Coed offers an innovative opportunity for people with a keen interest in wildlife monitoring; a chance to discover more and gain hands-on experience of a variety of surveying, identification and recording techniques. Guided by expert ecologists, people will be given a taster of this vast environmental sector through a mixture of theory, practical and field-based activities; a totally immersive ecological experience.

Mechanised Forestry

Tir Coed offers an opportunity for individuals who are keen to follow a career path leading into the forestry sector to gain more experience, knowledge and understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a forest worker. Those involved will be given a comprehensive introduction to the whole industry standard approach covering Health & Safety regulations, Discipline & Responsibilities, Machinery & Maintenance and good Practice.

Timber Framing

In partnership with Tŷ Pren, Tir coed will offer an exciting venture for craftspeople and budding traditional builders to develop and hone timber-framing techniques and skills. Aimed at individuals with some prior experience, participants will be expected to become part of a work-crew to complete a specific construction package. Individuals will be given the opportunity to build a traditional timber-frame from either roundwood or square-cut timber. There is also an opportunity for square-cut timber frames to be created as kits for sale, ready for cladding whilst roundwood constructions will provide a more permanent and aesthetic option.

Social Forestry

Tir Coed offers an opportunity for people to use a wide range of practical activities to ground their understanding of theoretical principles; developing a kinaesthetic and hands-on approach to training to reflect the active learning style and practical basis of Tir Coed's work. Those involved will be invited to contribute to this experiential training by sharing their own knowledge, thoughts, feelings, understanding and individual practice, so as to gain a deeper understanding of individual facilitation styles.

Traditional Crafts

Tir Coed offers people a chance to develop their skills and be given a platform from which to launch a career in the field of heritage crafts. those involved will be given access to local museums with wide ranging Heritage collections, with woodlands at their core, as a source of inspiration and the foundation for research, design, development and planning. Individuals will be expected to develop their own creative responses to the source materials, investigate and research further to generate ideas, drawings, and a detailed plan of action, ready for the intensive practical sessions.

Wood Fuel

Tir Coed offers an introduction into the complexities of producing wood fuel, for individuals who are keen to understand more about the process. Focusing on firewood rather than woodchip production, the practical sessions will give an intensive but well-rounded experience and help boost knowledge and confidence. Inclusion of traditional and mechanised methods of felling, extraction and processing will give participants opportunities to experience, observe, demonstrate and consolidate new skills.

I feel revitalised after a week intense course and feel I have gained something from this.