A Warm Welcome To The Woods

Written by Tir Coed / Monday 13 May 2019

The group were blessed with beautiful May sunshine, most of the time. Their group spirit was strong and by the end of the course everyone was really helping each other out. They started the week by making stable chopping blocks at a comfortable working height, with three legs and a large log. The legs were cleft (split) from a single log using a froe and a cleaving break.

These new skills and the tools created were put straight to work making the seats and legs of three legged stools to take home. The chopping blocks will stay on site adding to the increasing green wood work shop under the leafy canopy for Tir Coed Sir Benfro.

By the last day some of the trainees who had already finished their beautiful stools were helping others to catch up. There was a bit of a party atmosphere as a hearty lunch simmered on the fire. There was plenty of cheering and hugs as the trainees proudly held up their certificates and sat round on their new stools, every one of which was as individual as its maker.

Three of the trainees have now joined us on a 12 week accredited training course. Progressing their new found woodwork skills by learning how to build timber bridges and creating a pathway through the woods for everyone to explore and enjoy!

No. Trainees: 6
No. Hours: 166