HCT Trainees visit Coed Tyllwyd

Written by Tir Coed / Friday 17 March 2017

Ceredigion Coordinator Joe Gardom and incoming Director Leila Sharland gave HCT trainees a tour of Coed Tyllwyd to demonstrate the training opportunities offered by the LEAF Pilot Project. This was a good chance for Leila (who will be holding the fort during Ffion Farnell’s maternity leave) to see the work that goes on during the training courses, and to meet some of the young people who could benefit from the project.

Despite some of the group being a bit unused to the woodland environment the weather was on our side with glorious sunshine throughout. By walking up the newly cut path that the current course have been “groundbreaking” we were able to see the access improvement that it has created. 

Likewise the group got to see a large conifer being felled – for some of them a first – and several attendees expressed interest in gaining woodland management or carpentry training through the introductory courses on offer. All in all the session was time well spent in the great outdoors, and the entire group appreciated being out in the sun, and we hope to some of the individuals again for a more practical session.

“ It’s great being out here in the woods, I used to go on big walks with my granpap in the woods and the mountains, it reminds me of that ”

Volunteers: 14

Volunteer Hours: 28