Mid-way meeting with the Royal Forestry Society

Written by Tir Coed / Monday 09 July 2018

On a scorching Tuesday Tir Coed senior staff and Dysgu am Goed Development Officer hit the road to Leominster to meet with Royal Forestry Society’s Development Manager Jen and Teaching Trees Project Coordinator Corrine.

Over the past 9 months Tir Coed has been delivering a pilot of the Dysgu am Goed project in partnership with RFS which aims to give every primary school in Ceredigion an opportunity to have a two-hour woodland session linked to the Welsh curriculum. This project has been very successful in England and the Dysgu am Goed partnership has ensured that this provision is available through the Welsh language and links to the different curriculum we have here in Wales.

The group met to review the project as the end of the academic year draws closer and to look at whether there were future opportunities for the partnership after the Cynnal y Cardi funding finishes in autumn 2019. The group sat under a beautiful ash tree to discuss the positive benefits of the project so far and learnt from the different cultures both organisations represented.

So far the project has been a huge success with a total of 212 children engaging in the project across Ceredigion and 25 members of school staff. Feedback from the children and teachers has all been positive.

I have enjoyed learning about the different trees like the Rowan.
Interesting to learn/practice how to measure trees and identify the different leaves.