National Trust Llanachaeron Woodland Management Training Meeting

Written by Tir Coed / Tuesday 04 April 2017

Ceredigion Project Coordinator Joe Gardom met with Aron Roberts (Ranger with the National Trust at Llanachaeron) to discuss the possibility of Tir Coed’s woodland management training courses under LEAF supporting management operations in the woodland on the estate in the future.

We were blessed with a sparkling spring day to walk the grounds of the Llanachaeron estate, to see where Tir Coed and the National Trust can collaborate in the management of the woodland and training volunteers. With many exciting plans developing for the management of the woods on the estate it was good to have an on-site overview of the work lined up, and identify where the charities can support each other. We discussed the possibility of trainees assisting with the management of Coed Allt Lan-las, a SSSI woodland with some stunning oak standards which could offer trainees a fantastic insight into conservation-driven management. Likewise, experience in more timber-production focused management in Allt Llanachaeron or woodland pasture generation adjoining Allt Lan-las could give trainees a detailed and broad introduction to different management techniques.

With many opportunities for further volunteering at the estate and some impressive plans for the future this looks like it could be a very promising partnership, with both organisations playing to their strengths.