Pembrokeshire Sustainable Woodland Management Course - Half Way Update!

Written by Tir Coed / Friday 18 January 2019

12 trainees started this course at the end of November and at the half way point all 12 are still regularly attending. So far the group have been finding out about different woodland management techniques and thinking about processing wood extracted during these systems. They have worked on individual projects including stools and utensils and group projects such as shave horses and benches.

Under this course we are working with Greenlinks in Pembroke for the first time. We continue to work with them to identify activities which will support their management of the woodlands while offering our trainees with valuable learning opportunities.

Nancy, the Pembrokeshire Mentor, has been working with the trainees to help them identify further opportunities based on their interests and experience. These include job opportunities, work placements, volunteering and further training as well as more with Tir Coed. This extra support gives the project more sustainability making the positive effects of our course longer lasting. There is also a very supportive atmosphere within the group; trainees are always working together and helping each other!

If you would like information on future courses in Pembrokeshire, contact Nancy: