Sustainable Woodland Management Training Course

Written by Tir Coed / Friday 28 April 2017

Rob Smith and Cath Rigler, the lead and support tutors for the course, have been leading trainees in range of woodland management and improvement tasks in Coed Tyllwyd Llanfarian.

The course began by focusing on the extension and renovation of around 300m of footpath connecting one of the main woodland rides to the more “adventurous” path along the top of the wood. This gave the trainees the opportunity to learn step building techniques, improving the route by widening and grading the path, and learning to fell small trees using an axe and saw, as well as introducing them to the principle of “halo thinning” to provide more light and resources to the native broadleaves.


Elsewhere in the woods the group focused on bramble control, fighting to keep the paths from becoming thickets and supporting the natural regeneration of broadleaves where the plantation conifers have been thinned in previous management work. At various points residual stormy winter weather meant the group focused on green wood crafts in the safety of the Caban and Workshop, learning to carve spoons and turn wood using the pole lathe.

It’s done me right good this – brought me back up, back into the world

As the felling season drew to a close and the birds began nesting the group began to focus on some timber construction, building a lean-to shelter onto the Caban to create what will become a washing up and handwashing point. This introduced the trainees to timber framing skills; hewing round timber into squared beams, creating traditional pegged mortice and tenon joints, and the art of marking and measuring timber still in the round.

I feel this course has been my saviour!!

Though some of the participants were unable to complete the full training period due to personal circumstances, the group formed a strong and supportive team from start to finish and worked hard come rain or shine with lots of enthusiasm. Many thanks go to them and the tutors for their hard work.

Why not visit the woods and explore the new path in the spring sunshine?

Participants: 9

Volunteer Hours: 896

Accredited: 4

I love learning all the names of the tools and the steps – how to use them safely