Ysgol y Dderi’s theme is Happiness!

Written by Tir Coed / Wednesday 05 October 2016

Pupils from year 1 and year 2 from Llangybi near Long Wood have recently spent 3 lovely sunny days in the woods. Their theme for this term is ‘Happiness’ and of course being in the woods is bound to make you happy!


The children spent time discovering the wood, looking for signs of animals including burrows, chewed nuts and more, doing bug hunts to discover the little creatures that live in the woods, they played games, learn how to walk quietly without cracking twigs and leaves, cooked popcorn over the fire, used earth and blackberries to make natural paints for a beautiful banner of their visit and lots more.


They also talked about the woodland habitat, what trees and animals live here, what they need to survive and linked that with what they themselves need in their lives - family, home, friends, food, water, toys. All of these things linked with the theme of Happiness and what makes them happy.
A lovely special time was had by everyone and thanks go to all the tutors involved - James Kendall, Lea Wakeman, Jenny Dingle, Anna Thomas and Polly Williams.

Number of children x 47
Number of teachers each day x 2
Number of volunteer hours x 265