Welcome to the Woods - Ceredigion

Written by Tir Coed / Thursday 22 November 2018

Ceredigion’s Welcome to the Woods 5 day course has just come to a close.

The course was run from our 53 acre woodland, Coed Tyllwyd near Llanfarian. The course was delivered by our knowledgeable Tutor Rob Smith with support from Anna Thomas.

The 5 trainees were introduced to the woodland with a tour of the site, workshop and cabins. They learned to identify different tree species and gained some understanding of site safety and how the woods are managed.

During the first days the trainees contributed to a risk assessment and then put what they had learned into practice by clearing paths of vegetation such as brambles and nettles for public access. With a focus on health and safety they learned how to fell and sned small trees with an axe and bow saw and how to move and stack the logs ready for seasoning.

They also had an introduction to green woodworking and using some of the timber they had felled developed skills such as cleaving and carving with a froe and axe to create billets ready to use on the pole lathe. Over the last few days each person completed an individual green wood project, they spent time crafting one or three legged stools and candle sticks to take home. They all really enjoyed the 5 days and gained achievement certificates ended the week on a high.