Building bridges blazing trails

Written by Tir Coed / Friday 07 June 2019

We are now 2 weeks in to the 12-week course, which means that already nearly 250 hours have been put into this project.

The group have been blessed with brilliant blue skies and warm spring sunshine. Already work on the first of three bridges is underway with the ground dug out to get the right levels and timber bearers installed. A second work party boldly set off with saws and loppers to blaze a trail through a nearly impassable thicket of spruce branches. By lunch time they returned glowing and triumphant having brashed a way through, and beaten off the midges that the warm still conditions had brought out to play.

Everyone was chatting and joking as they enjoyed some well-earned haute cuisine, or at least a hot lunch with toasted sandwiches, eggs, soup and all sorts being cooked on the fire.

 I love it here, you keep me in stiches all day long.

Thank you very much to Jerry Roberson for providing the location and materials including the beautiful curved timbers to construct a hump back bridge. He commented that he was, “excited about welcoming people of all abilities, to enjoy and explore these woods.”