Introducing Elan Valley's new Activity Leaders!

Written by Tir Coed / Tuesday 19 November 2019

Colin Titley:

Colin has a background in care, working with people with learning difficulties and behavioural issues. He has worked as a tutor for over thirteen years, with organisations including Montgomeryshire Forest School (of which he was a founding member), and Tir Coed. Colin also runs a tree care business as a self-employed tree surgeon. He is passionate about getting people engaged with nature and the outdoors.

Hazel Osborne:

Hazel is an arts and wellbeing practitioner and counsellor, with a strong focus on nature connection and wellbeing. She has facilitated a broad spectrum of people across diverse group settings. Hazel runs a performing arts company (Zu Aerial), and is also a director of “Celf Your Health”, a new social enterprise delivering arts and wellbeing projects within Powys.