Marking the halfway point of Tir Coed’s Pembrokeshire training course

Written by Tir Coed / Monday 19 July 2021

As we pass the halfway mark in (mostly) sunny Pembrokeshire, our trainees are continuing to gain new knowledge and skills as they work towards their Agored accreditation.

From practical outdoor skills, such as fire-lighting and shelter-building, to woodland carpentry, they have all had a go at a variety of activities during the course so far.

We have also had practical demonstrations from our wonderful woodland host, Jerry - who owns Scolton South Woods, including chainsaw use and the use of a hand winch to safely lower trees.

The introduction of our new digital workbooks has also offered the trainees further learning opportunities while improving their digital literacy. The workbooks act as a record of the work they have carried out during the course
and, as they are fully digital, can now include photos, audio and video.

It hasn’t all been hard work though, and one of the coolest things we've noticed on this course is that, on a sunny day, you can tell the time based on the movement of spot of sunlight that shines into the roundhouse through the
smoke hole in the roof! 

We have been marking where the spot is on the hour to make our own sundial. In the picture you can see 3pm so we all know when it’s time for an afternoon cuppa.