New beginnings and new friends in the Elan

Written by Tir Coed / Tuesday 15 June 2021

April 13 was a date burnt into my brain. It was the date we opened for applications for our first 12-week training course since Covid. 

As I posted the announcement on social media so many questions ran through my mind: Would we have to cancel, would we get enough applicants, how will a Covid safe course feel?

I soon realised that there was no need to worry about the number of applicants - the following day was spent responding to enquiries from individuals and referral agencies.

In total, we had 24 applications for a place on the course. Whittling the applicants down to six proved near impossible, so we settled on seven. 

This course was a first in more than one way. It would be the first run by our new Activity Leaders Vic and Iona; and it would also be the first using the new Tir Coed Course and a pilot for the new digital workbooks. 

Wednesday, May 5, saw six of our seven trainees (trainee 7 was starting the following week) arrive at the Elan.

With a packed course programme, day 1 started with introductions, the dreaded paperwork and then a quick session on the safe use of tools. The afternoon was spent making spatulas.

All of us left at the end of the day with that tired happy glow that comes from a job well done. 

Here’s to the next 12 weeks of carpentry and comradery.