Schoolkids wish every day was a Tir Coed Day

Written by Tir Coed / Wednesday 13 October 2021

We were very excited to finally begin our year-long learning programme at Henry Tudor School in Pembroke this month.

The main aims of the programme are to increase pupil engagement and help them develop practical skills.

In the mornings, we work with Year 7 pupils one week and Year 8 the next, and then in the afternoons we see the same group of Year 9s every week.

We will introduce practical outdoor skills, woodland management and carpentry while following the needs and interests of each group.

Each group has now visited us at least once and we have begun helping them to get to know the woodland and introduced them to safe fire-lighting skills - with plenty marshmallows!

We have also asked the children what they would like to do with us and suggestions have included campfire cooking, camouflage games, weaving and nature art, all of which we will work into the programme.

We have encouraged the children to join in at their own pace; some have been nervous in the new environment or uncertain of activities and have preferred to observe at first.

One youngster who began the first session reluctant to navigate the slightly overgrown path to our camp, left us exclaiming that they wished everyday was a Tir Coed day!

If you are interested in Tir Coed providing outdoor provision at your school, please contact Nancy, our Dysgu am Natur Coordinator at

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