Vic joins the team

Written by Tir Coed / Monday 19 April 2021

My name is Vic and I am one of the new Tir Coed Activity Leaders in the Elan Valley. I live near Rhayader in the Wye Valley.

What are your Hobbies

My hobbies are many but mostly but they include wandering the hills of Mid Wales searching for unrecorded Ancient sites, recreating the tools of our ancestors, and trying learn how they would have used them.

What excites me about my new role?

I am looking forward to sharing my skills and hopefully inspiring others to try some of the Heritage crafts that I feel should be kept alive.

What do you enjoy about being outdoors?

I have always enjoyed being outdoors. Time spent in the woods or walking in the hills helps give me a sense of perspective on everyday life. I am always happier if I can get outside for a bit.

What inspires me?

I am inspired by nature and by learning new things, whether it’s the sun shining on a patch of Bluebells in Spring, a pile of ancient stones on a hillside or learning the skills of our ancestors.

What is your favourite season of the Year.

I like them all, and in particular I like the way they are constantly changing. You could take a photo of the same scene every day for a year and no two would be the same.

If you were a tree, what tree and why?

I would have to pick the oak tree, it’s shade provides habitat for more species than any other and for many years it’s timber gave a living. It was at the heart of everything I did.