Branwen’s story

In April 2014 I was made redundant form a job in the voluntary sector that I had been doing for 10 years. Just before finishing I applied for a job as freelance support tutor with Tir Coed VINE project. During the last two years I have attended various courses that Tir Coed have put on, I have also been a support tutor and activity leader on various courses ranging from land art to woodland management.

I have not invested in my education or personal development much over the past few years, but since working/learning with Tir Coed VINE I have learnt heaps! I have learnt how to use a range of hand tools, I have learnt how to looking after woodland and what successful woodland management should look like I have also learnt how to make timber structures and furniture. It has also helped me to gain confidence in my skills which has enabled me to develop my gardening business and I have just completed my first landscaping job.

It is hard to find a way of learning the skills Tir Coed teach, most of which are skills that were part of every day life 30-40 years ago,  such as fire lighting, using a hand axe, hand saws and other hand tools that have now been completely lost by most of the population.

Thank you Tir Coed for feeding my need to be practical!