In 2012 Aled engaged with the VINE pilot scheme on an accredited Tir Coed training course

Post training course:

“Being involved with the Tir Coed VINE pilot scheme in the winter of 2012 taught me a lot about what I wanted to do with my life. It also inspired me greatly and gave me the confidence to decide that I was capable of achieving my goals. Since then I have been working on teaching myself woodturning, and building up my knowledge and skills in woodland craft/carpentry. The skills I learnt on the course helped me get some part-time work building bespoke timber-frame compost toilets. This work has developed my carpentry skills further and has made it possible for me to slowly build up my own tools and equipment. Over the last 12 months, I have been steadily working towards my goal of being fully equipped, and working for myself making and selling my woodturnings”

Aled went on to participate in the Hadau craft progression project in 2014-15 to develop his business selling woodland craft projects, where Tir Coed created a platform to market and sell his handmade projects in the Ceredigion Museum

Post-Hadau Project:

“I feel the project has been instrumental in helping me take my craft more seriously and the realisation that I could potentially make a living from something I love doing. It has really boosted my confidence and has inspired me to begin to develop, what was a hobby into a viable business. The museum have provided us with a valuable opportunity which could really help to make a difference for our futures, not just for us as craft makers but also for the wider community and sustainable local crafts.”