Welcome to the Woods - Ceredigion

Tir Coed | November 22, 2018

A 5 day course has just come to an end in Ceredigion - the Welcome Week.  This course is aimed at introducing individuals to the woodland and the type of work they would be doing if they were to join Tir Coed's longer training courses.

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Time to Shine: 'Rank Showcase' Conference

Tir Coed | November 20, 2018

Kevin and Ffion both went up to Blackpool at the beginning of October for the final Rank Foundation conference. Read the blog to see Kevin's version of events.

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Runners up for Best Charity of the year

Tir Coed | November 13, 2018

On October 16th, Ffion and Teresa travelled to North Wales for the Rural Business Awards event where the results for the Wales and Northern Ireland region was announced.

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Dysgu am Goed - A whole Year

Tir Coed | November 9, 2018

A year into the project, and Dysgu am goed has engaged with 400 individuals. Read the blog to find out more.

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Ignite Wood Fuel Progression

Tir Coed | November 9, 2018

Ceredigion held their Wood Fuel Progression Week which was delivered by Chris Hughes from MWMAC training. The ten trainees thoroughly enjoyed and learnt a lot for the 5 days. Read the bolg to find out what they did.

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Pembrokeshire - Half way through

Tir Coed | November 8, 2018

Pembrokeshire's Sustainable Woodland Management 12 week training course is half way through. Nancy, Pembrokeshire Mentor, has written a short summary of what the trainees have been doing over the first 6 weeks.

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Llanerchaeron - Sustainable Woodland Management

Tir Coed | November 6, 2018

Ceredigion's Sustainable Woodland Management course at Llanerchaeron is now halfway through with 11 trainees learning different practices and enjoying each others company.

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Bench Building in Pembrokeshire

Tir Coed | November 1, 2018

Tir Coed teamed up with the Welsh Wildlife Trust for their Progression Course in Bench Building. the course introduced the importance of green woodworking and timber framing skills on a small scale project. Read the blog to find out more.

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YMCA retreat in Elan

Tir Coed | October 30, 2018

YMCA Stepping Up group from Sutton Coldfield came to Elan on a retreat to enjoy numerous activities. Read the blog to find out more.

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Elan Valley 12 week Training Course

Tir Coed | October 24, 2018

The Powys 12 week course in the Elan Valley is about half way through. They've recently been working in the Elan Village. Read the blog to find our more about what they've been doing.

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